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Choice of Program & Tuition:


Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

$96 per month




Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

$192 per month

*The tuition listed above represents the 2023/2024 school year as of January 2023.

Building Blocks is a part of the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) program. CWELCC is initiated and funded by the Government of Canada. CWELCC is a five-year plan to reduce the cost of child care to an average of $10 per day by 2026. The fees above reflect Building Blocks' per-month tuition in this program as of January 2023.


An annual registration/administration fee of $17.50 is due at the time of registration for an available spot and is non-refundable.  There is no fee to be put on a waitlist.

School Day Hours:
9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Children may be picked up after 11:45 am but no later than 12:00 pm.  If someone other than a parent is picking up your child, please let the teachers know.
School Year:

September  - June
Christmas and March breaks are the same as the public school.  Nursery school will be held on P.D. days.  The school is closed because of inclement weather whenever the school buses are not running.  It is the parents' responsibility to find out if school buses are not running.  Often an e-mail will be sent out to parents, and a post will be made to our social media.
Age Requirement:

Your child must be 30 months of age by the beginning of September.  A few exceptions may be made for 2-year olds.

Please dress your child in washable, comfortable play clothes.  Choose slippers or shoes which are rubber-soled and only used for indoor play.  It is a good idea to send a backup set of clothes in case of an accident or a spill. Since outdoor play is a daily activity (weather permitting), please make sure your child has suitable warm outdoor clothing. All clothing should be labeled.

Illness of Child:

If there is any question of illness, do not send your child to school.  Whenever possible, notify the teacher of the reason for your child's absence.  If a communicable disease is contracted, please be sure to notify the teacher so that this can be reported to the Medical Officer of Health as soon as possible.
Field Trips:

We work hard to prepare events each month for the children and their families to participate in. These include festivities that occur at the school as well as field trips for the entire family. Examples include:

  • Pumpkin farm visit

  • Trip to local fire hall for Fire Prevention and Fire Safety

  • Paramedic visit to the school

  • St. John Ambulance Dog Division visit to the school

  • Picture Day

  • Music visit

  • Trip to a local farm

  • Trip to the zoo

  • Year End Picnic

Parents/guardians will be notified in advance of each field trip.  A caregiver is required to accompany the student.  Siblings are welcome.  Any additional fees required will be approved at a general meeting.
Communication with the School:

Parents are encouraged to regularly discuss what their children are experiencing at home and with our program.  We support positive interactions with the parents and they are encouraged to discuss the progress of their child with the teacher at any time.  Parent-teacher interviews can be arranged if requested.

​Any issue or concern may be expressed to the teachers or a Board member verbally or in writing.  If not resolved, the issue/concern will be discussed by the Board of Directors.  A response will be made to the parent within three working days, outlining the action to be taken.
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